Control – Model Business Processes

Model your business processes according to BPMN 2.0 and automate them with the X4 BPMS – without programming.

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  • Model processes according to BPMN 2.0
  • Define rules according to DMN 1.1
  • Process cases with X4 Case Management

Modeling and Simulating Business Processes

Model your business processes graphically, and directly simulate and execute them with one click using the X4 Designer.

  • Without programming
  • Select the required process components and insert them by drag & drop.
  • According to the BPMN 2.0 notation standard
Mit dem BPM-Editor modellierter Geschäftsprozess

Defining Business Rules

Define business rules interactively using DMN (Decision Model and Notation). Connect the rules to your business processes and execute them automatically.

  • Notation according to DMN 1.1
  • Connect decision tables directly to BPMN activities
  • Simple standard notation S-FEEL

Modeling Business Case Data

Add business case data and case states to your business processes, and process them directly within your process.

  • Define categories, groups, and features
  • Determine case states
  • Process rules based on business case data
Fachdaten und Stratuswerte definieren
„Human Task“-Aktivitätsbaustein

Using Human Tasks

Define tasks for process participants directly within the X4 Designer. Use Human Task activity components to integrate user actions into your business processes. Define responsibilities, business data and actions directly within the business process.

  • Model tasks for process participants
  • Manage permissions and responsibilities
  • Process tasks with the integrated web application X4 Task Management
  • Integrate third-party applications via interface

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