Integrate your IT systems into business processes with the X4 BPMS – within your company and across company boundaries.

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  • Graphically model, simulate and execute processes
  • More than 200 adapters to integrate your IT systems
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) – connect processes as services
API Management

Integrated API Management

  • Providing processes as web services
  • Supporting SOAP and ReST web services
  • Graphical web service editor
  • Other protocols (MQTT, TCP/IP, JCo etc.)

Modeling Integration Flows

Design your process flows graphically:

  • Manual, event-driven, or scheduled process execution
  • Connect your IT systems using adapters and exchange the required data.
  • Define whether the data needs to be enriched, checked, or transformed.
  • Save, export or delete data.

The X4 BPMS is perfectly suited for all integration tasks – also for ETL tasks or for dark processing. Simulate your process flows with the integrated debugger prior to the productive use.

Prozesse modellieren und validieren
XSL-Transformationen ausführen

Transforming Data Models Graphically

Transform any data structures with the integrated Mapping Designer. The integrated preview function allows you to display the result while you are implementing the transformation.

  • Graphically connect source and target data
  • Visually check data assignments
  • Transform standard-compliant to XSLT 2.0
  • Convert complex transformations directly in the source code view, if required

Connecting Systems Via Adapters

Use more than 200 adapters to connect your IT systems and to convert data and documents between different formats. Common protocols and many industry standards are supported as standard and guarantee the highest connectivity – connect & work, the SoftProject standard.

Developing Own Adapters With the X4 Adapter Development Kit

Extend the functional range of the X4 BPMS with your own components and connect further third-party systems, or convert between special formats. The X4 Adapter Development Kit allows you to develop your own adapters – there are no limits to the expandability of the X4 BPMS.

  • Develop your own adapters using adapter projects directly within the X4 BPMS, e.g. to convert data into proprietary file formats – without programming.
  • Develop your own adapters using Java, e.g. to connect legacy systems.
  • Encapsulate desired functionalities in reusable components.
Develop adapters with the X4 BPMS

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