Digital Sales in the Insurance Industry

Digitize your processes by using standards such as BiPRO, GDV or our industry solutions. Rely on the market leader SoftProject, too!

  • Market leader for BiPRO with more than 30 installations
  • Market leader for GDV with more than 40 installations
  • Market leader with more than 60 industry adapters

Faster Digitization With the Market Leader

Digitize your processes with X4 BiPRO, X4 GDV, more than 60 industry adapters or prefabricated industry solutions. You can use all standards in all versions immediately in your projects. Our solution is used by insurers and their partners alike, and we also provide you with the necessary consulting and implementation services, if required.

  • All standards and versions
  • You choose your solution: on premises, hybrid or from the cloud
  • Our guarantee: continuous further development
  • Award-winning solution

Automate Business Processes with the X4 BiPRO Server

The X4 BiPRO Server allows you to provide or use the standards defined by BiPRO e. V. as services in a very short time. The X4 BiPRO Server offers pre-implemented services, numerous templates and the possibility to integrate it into your existing application landscape – both with standardized interfaces and adapters and with corresponding tools to directly support the data mapping.

Moreover, the X4 BiPRO Server supports you with extensive options for evaluating, managing and testing the implemented processes. Besides all classic BiPRO releases, the X4 BiPRO Server also supports the concepts of the new BiPRO release generation RNext – on request also in parallel operation or in the cloud.

Our experienced X4 BiPRO consultants support you with the conception, implementation and process optimization.

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Standardized Data Interchange with the X4 GDV Server

All eNorms and services are provided as adapters or process libraries within the X4 GDV Server. The parallel operation of various versions of a standard is also possible.

GDV Claims Service

Supported release versions 2013, 2010 and 2003

GDV intermediary communication

Supported release versions 2015, 2013, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2002 and 1998

Insurance intermediary register

Electronic data interchange with the central intermediary register

Electronic insurance confirmation

Interface to the electronic vehicle registration service

Notice and information system

Connection to the GDV notice and information system

TGIC – The GDV Insurance Cloud

Connection of the GDV Trusted German Insurance Cloud (TGIC)

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SoftProject ist BiPRO Top-Anwender

SoftProject engagiert sich bereits seit vielen Jahren im BiPRO e. V. und wurde als BiPRO-Topanwender ausgezeichnet. Mehr als 30 Kunden profitieren von unserem X4 BiPRO Server, der mittlerweile zum Branchenstandard avanciert.

Monitoring, Testing and Managing Services

Enjoy full support throughout the entire service life cycle: we provide practical web applications from development to production launch up to the operation. You can use the web applications to test, manage, and monitor services during their operation.

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