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Speed up the digitalization of your business processes with technologies from various cloud providers. With X4 BPMS, you can flexibly control which services and data you outsource to the cloud or leave in your data center. Benefit from fast integration of new cloud technologies with the highest possible data security.

  • Build Cloud Services
  • Retain Data Sovereignty
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Run with the Cloud Provider of Your Choice

  • Run the X4 BPMS directly on Microsoft Azure, on the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS or another provider of your choice.
  • Operation in a private cloud (e.g. Red Hat Open Shift) is also possible.
  • Benefit from the easy and flexible administration of the X4 BPMS as container in Kubernetes.
  • Implement your business processes fast and cost-effectively and minimize the investment in your own infrastructure.

Integrate Proven Cloud Services with X4 Cloud Adapters

Integrate services from different cloud providers for data storage and processing into your X4 processes via drag & drop. This is the easiest way to implement business processes in the cloud, e.g. data exchange with customers, big data analysis or machine learning applications. You can combine the best services of the individual cloud providers as you wish.

Get to Know the X4 BPMS in Practice.

Discover the various possibilities to automate business processes. Full range of functions. Valid for 30 days.

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Combine Your Existing On-Premises Systems with the Cloud

Combine your existing on-premises back-end systems with X4 cloud services to create a hybrid cloud solution The X4 BPMS is implemented as a distributed system both in your data center infrastructure and with a cloud provider.

  • With X4 BPMS, you can easily transfer data from your data center to another X4 BPMS in the cloud, e.g. from your enterprise systems or other business areas such as manufacturing.
  • The digitization platform automatically handles communication with the connected suppliers, customers or partners. Result data and requests are fed back to the local system and processed according to your internal processes.
  • The flexible hybrid architecture allows you to control which data is managed internally or in the cloud and thus retain control of your data at all times.
X4 BPMS as PaaS cloud services

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