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Deploy BiPRO services quickly with the X4 BiPRO Server

Together with SoftProject, BiPRO standards were implemented at Zurich in a very short time using the X4 BiPRO Server as a cloud-based solution.

Setting new standards for BiPRO services

Today, sales processes must be handled efficiently and digitally – ideally in compliance with the standards of the Industry Institute for...

IT-supported order placement and processing with the own system

With its own system, all partners of SPN Service Partner Netzwerk GmbH are connected and even fundamental tasks are performed.

ovag Netz GmbH chooses the X4 BPMS from SoftProject

Using the X4 BPMS as a central data hub, ovag Netz GmbH connects CRM and ERP systems and thus receives consistent data without duplicate entries.

Thüga Energienetze GmbH chooses the X4 BPMS from SoftProject

With the X4 BPMS, Thüga Energienetze networks systems and exchanges data completely and with integrity – without any media breaks.

Equip with New IT Infrastructure for The Future

Stadtwerke Norderstedt automates business processes, simplifies data flows and efficiently connects IT systems with the X4 BPMS.

Disposing of test equipment with X4 Activities

At Testo Industrial Services, the customer portal and gauge management portal are based on the X4 BPMS low-code digitization platform.

OVB Holding AG relies on X4 BPMS from SoftProject

The X4 BPMS as a data hub at the financial brokerage group OVB for the secure migration of inventory data from the commission system.

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