Industry Solutions

The X4 BPMS’s modular system enables to meet individual requirements, and allows to implement both industry-specific and industry-neutral solutions for our numerous customers.

X4 BPMS: Solutions for all industries

You are looking for a digitization solution for a specific task? The X4 BPMS allows you to model all requirements by yourself. Our prefabricated modules available for many sub-functions and industry-specific tasks help you to simplify and speed up the implementation. Decide yourself!

Automate Your Claims Processes

Digitally connect your insurance company with your service providers and customers and benefit from all the advantages of an automatically controlled claims’ processing.

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Standardize and Automate Your Insurance Distribution

Strengthen your sales with digital solutions. Simplify data exchange between insurance companies, intermediaries and insurance brokers. Offer them positive experiences and increase your service quality decisively.

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Connect All Partners in the Utilities Industry

Connect your systems intelligently and bring the cooperation with your partners and customers to a new, profitable level through automation solutions.

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Integrate People, Machines and Systems Into Your Industrial Enterprise

Connect people, machines, systems and production processes intelligently. Speed up your transformation process and develop new potentials for your Smart Factory.

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Get to Know Our Industry-independent Solutions

  • Ensure a secure and standardized data transfer between different IT systems with EDIFACT message types or via e-mail, web service, FTP/SFTP, AS2, etc. using X4 EDI.
  • Integrate SAP-based systems into any cross-company processes and connect them to non-SAP systems without media discontinuity.
  • Convert large amounts of data from a foreign format into an internal target format with the X4 BPMS.
  • Extract, transform and integrate your data conveniently and securely, and directly provide it to other systems.
  • Protect sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access with X4 Proxy and X4 Security adapters.
  • Monitor IT systems, services, tasks and processes in real time, and visualize states and measured values for professional and technical users.
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