X4 BPMS – Your Digitization Platform

Digitize your business processes with the X4 BPMS as a central platform – Connect people, systems and devices.


  • Solve all tasks with one platform.


  • Solve all tasks without programming.


  • Scale the X4 BPMS according to your requirements.


Describe process flows according to BPMN, define rules DMN 1.1 compliant and integrate users. The X4 BPMS executes the modeled flow and you only monitor the results.

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Describe the integration visually and automate it with the X4 BPMS. Software as a Service at the push of a button. Connect systems by drag & drop with more than 200 adapters.

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Create Web applications for desktops and mobile devices without programming and integrate them into your processes. Perfect for implementing human workflows.

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Operating principle

X4 BPMS – Operating principle

  • X4 Designer: Model processes and rules graphically
  • X4 Server: Simulate and execute processes and rules
  • X4 Adapter: Integrate third-party systems into your processes
  • X4 Activities: Provide Web Apps for your employees and customers
  • X4 Control Center: Monitor and manage all processes and apps

Monitoring and Analysis

Keep an eye on all business processes and analyze them in real time. The X4 BPMS supports you on your way to digital transformation.

  • Monitor process executions and the compliance with service level agreements.
  • Visualize current states as well as business and technical key figures in real time.
  • Manage users, permissions and more at one central location.

Low Code
Modeling Instead of Programming

Use the X4 BPMS as central tool for modeling your processes – intuitive and without programming:

  • Model business processes
  • Define business rules and connect them with graphical user interfaces
  • Model technical processes
  • Configure adapters
  • Map data models

X4 Proxy
Secure Communication

Communicate across company boundaries and protect sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access with X4 Proxy and X4 Security adapters:

  • Forward relevant data to internal processes rule-based
  • Different escalation possibilities in case of rules violation
  • Audit logging including technical data enhancement
  • Statistical evaluations of the connection data
X4 Proxy

X4 BPMS Operation

The X4 BPMS is available for different target platforms and systems, and in different operating variants – adapting to your requirements.

  • Deployment: Install the X4 BPMS On-premises, as hybrid or in the cloud.
  • Platform independence: Run the X4 Server under Microsoft Windows or various Linux distributions. Web applications, such as X4 Control Center, can be accessed via all current browsers. The X4 Designer is currently available for Microsoft Windows. Please read the system requirements for more details.
  • Scalability: The X4 BPMS grows with your requirements: Depending on your performance, availability, or security requirements, you can run the X4 BPMS as a single server, in a load-balancing environment, or as a cluster. The distributed operation in a server farm or distributed over several data centers guarantees the high availability of the systems.

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System Requirements

Check the possibilities of using the X4 BPMS on your systems.


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