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From purchasing to sales and up to production – By intelligently connecting machines and IT systems, you can increase the digital level of maturity in the production. Use the gained production data for a more effective and flexible production, and offer your customers new and extended services through the cloud. Take the Step with the IoT Platform X4 BPMS

Supply Chain Track & Trace

Numerous production cycles extend over several companies or suppliers. Rely on supply chain track & trace and guarantee the traceability of cross-plant value chains. The digitization platform X4 BPMS collects all measured values, process and fault data from the various production sites, and evaluates them.

Shopfloor Management

Connect production-relevant devices, control data and visualize key figures. Digitize processes and connect IT systems with a single digitization platform – X4 BPMS as central networking and data management hub.

Predictive Maintenance

Collect machine data via the X4 BPMS, and process, save and evaluate it. Based on the gained data, the digitization platform calculates the probability of possible malfunctions allowing you to take maintenance measures in advance.

Intrafactory Track & Trace

Collect important production data with the X4 BPMS’s intrafactory track & trace application using sensors and gateways. Increase production quality, and know already with batch size 1, which part was produced at which time on which machine with which resources. This enables a complete traceability.

Condition Monitoring – Keep An Eye On Your Processes

Automate and monitor your processes in the industrial production and interactively integrate machines into the production planning and monitoring process. Monitoring based on the X4 BPMS allows you to react more flexibly to short-term changes and to benefit from greater efficiency and transparency.

IoT Platform X4 BPMS – Communication in all Technology Worlds

The X4 BPMS allows you to connect systems, devices and people intelligently and to develop, control and monitor business processes with a single platform. The IoT platform enables you to achieve a high level of interoperability and visibility in no time and without programming knowledge.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Intrafactory track & trace
  • Supply chain track & trace
  • Shop floor management
  • Customer and sales portals
  • External service portals
  • Data analysis
  • Master data management

Networking With the X4 BPMS

Connect your machines, products and systems, and process and manage growing amounts of data. More than 200 different adapters, protocols and gateways guarantee fast and seamless networking.

The X4 BPMS also supports you with numerous industrial communication standards such as OPC-UA, MQTT, ModBus, S7 or Profibus.

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More than 300 customers already rely on digitization with the X4 BPMS. Here is a selection from the industry sector:

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