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Equip with New IT Infrastructure for The Future

The only way to achieve optimal performance is through an efficient IT infrastructure that controls the entire data communication and all business processes - from customer orders to invoicing.
Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr

responsible for IT system integration and development at Stadtwerke Norderstedt

As a fast-grown company, Stadtwerke Norderstedt has a very heterogeneous IT infrastructure with many complex processes. The X4 BPMS connects data and applications, and controls processes centrally to make them more efficient and of higher quality. The IT system landscape is now to be further optimized: interfaces and process sequences are simplified, data quality is increased and tasks are flexibly solved.

The Task

To process high-quality and error-free data fast, an efficient IT infrastructure is necessary. All data and business processes must be processed centrally to avoid redundancies and error sources. The heterogeneous system infrastructure is a major challenge: customer communication runs via a CRM system, customer connections to technical components are set up and changed in the provisioning system, device information and georeferenced representations are managed in the infrastructure database and billing takes place in the billing system. If something changes at one point, effects had to be carefully considered elsewhere – this is complicated, lengthy and error-prone. Therefore, the IT system landscape should be optimized by simplifying existing interfaces and reducing processes.

The Solution

The X4 BPMS replaces grown structures as a highly integrated BPM tool. To ensure media-break-free and smooth process control, the communication between the existing systems will be adapted so that in the future all data will flow via the X4 BPMS data bus.

To enable Stadtwerke Norderstedt to integrate all IT systems and model processes independently, IT and process specialists were trained in detail. “SoftProject itself should deliberately not model processes, we want to be able to carry out these work ourselves,” reports IT Department Manager Stefan Mohr.

Although he and his team are only at the beginning of the integration of all systems into the X4 BPMS, the advantages are already clear: “Since we are now forced to accurately document and study all systems, processes and data flows, we have gained a clearer view of all data and communication flows. The connection of all participating systems and databases to the X4 BPMS as well as the modeling of the individual processes as business rules is now hard work that we are working on step by step. “

Highly available load balancer
Shared nothing architecture with separate X4 servers for highest availability

The Technical Implementation

The X4 BPMS was installed within a few days. It runs on two different servers at the two locations of the data center of Stadtwerke Norderstedt. The redundant installation ensures reliability and maximum availability. Minor adjustments were made remotely from SoftProject headquarters in Ettlingen.

Stadtwerke Norderstedt

The public utility Stadtwerke Norderstedt has been supplying the inhabitants of the city Norderstedt at the gates of Hamburg with electricity, gas, water and district heating for almost 40 years. Besides, they offer telecommunications services with GmbH, operate the transport company Verkehrsgesellschaft Norderstedt mbH and the ARRIBA adventure and beach pool as well as the city park with a total of more than 1 million visitors per year.


Utility Industry

Stadtwerke Norderstedt achieved:

  • Central data management in the X4 BPMS
  • Highly available system
  • Know-how in the own company
  • Verified and simplified communication flows
  • Integrated monitoring and clearing system

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