X4 Hyperautomation revolutionizes the comprehensive automation of business processes

Ettlingen, 12/09/2023—With the announcement of X4 Hyperautomation at the X4 Developer Day with Management Forum Digital Transformation, SoftProject has set a new standard for contemporary automation of business processes in companies across a wide array of industries.

X4 Hyperautomation combines various technologies to fully automate enterprise business processes using data and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to the AI function implemented by X4 GPT, the basic principles of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA) come into play. The interaction of these technologies opens up new fields of application and enables the assisted creation of applications.

Businesses can now streamline their process modeling, design, and documentation with the help of Prompt Engineering using natural language. This innovative approach, often described as ‘programming in natural language,’ is set to enhance the capabilities of X4 Designer’s low-code tools in the near future. Moreover, X4 GPT can empower existing applications with artificial intelligence capabilities. When combined with previously isolated enterprise system data, it provides rapid access to valuable insights. The key element in hyperautomation is the architecture designed as an enterprise service bus (ESB), which supports the integration of different services within a company’s application landscape. The X4 BPMS platform with X4 GPT enables these elements to work together, creating a revolutionary automation concept. Thanks to the X4 ESB, the entire enterprise knowledge is made available to AI and can be accessed specifically by customers and employees.

“X4 Hyperautomation is a logical evolution of our X4 BPMS and provides companies with a toolbox to equip them with future-proof technology,” says founder and CEO Dirk Detmer.

“By combining machine learning technology and IT systems, companies can gain significant competitive advantages by incorporating almost all corporate data to automate business processes. As a result, AI can deliver efficiencies in seconds that would otherwise require significant manual effort. This can make help desks more efficient and provide support for development teams, for example,” he adds.

With X4 Hyperautomation, a wide range of companies across different industries can benefit from artificial intelligence and fully automate their business processes based on SoftProject’s X4 BPMS.

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