Datasets keep growing, processes are getting more and more complex, and reaction times keep shrinking. We have identified the challenges that companies are facing and targeted them specifically in Release 7.3 of our X4 BPMS. We’ve simplified navigation through large datasets, improved the transparency of large content items, and made your processes even more efficient and more flexible. And of course, SoftProject doesn’t disappoint when it comes to high user convenience and efficient automation.

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For more information and details on the current release, refer to our release notes.

TreeView control – for simple navigation

The flexible TreeView control gives you a transparent display of hierarchy structures, visualizing nodes and subnodes in a tree visual. This makes it easy to navigate through even large datasets, as well as organize and manage them. Thanks to scalability, you will not only save space, but also improve transparency and structure. The user-friendly TreeView control in your X4 BPMS 7.3 is highly intuitive to use and can be used for many types of data – including files, folders, projects, and categories. This means you can use the TreeView control to visualize file and folder structures just as easily as navigation menus in web apps.

Accordion control – for a better overview

Accordion controls are a simple way to declutter web apps. This interaction element provides a show/hide interaction model for content. When you click the respective title, the requested content is displayed, while other content that is not needed at the moment is hidden. You’ll benefit from simple navigation, economy of space, and improved clarity – especially when displaying content that requires a lot of space. FAQs, forms, and complex product overviews can be designed and filtered neatly, making your web apps much more user-friendly. Accordion controls are easy to implement and don’t require any radical changes. In addition, the X4 BPMS 7.3 now features responsive design that adjusts to the respective screen size automatically.

Data binding with the Grid component – for automatically updated data

Thanks to data binding, data in the Grid component is updated automatically when it changes in the data source. As a result, you benefit from improved efficiency, because manual adjustments become a thing of the past. This approach also ensures that your users always have access to current, correct data. To use the data binding feature in X4 BPMS 7.3, header elements of a Grid component are linked directly with the data in a database, an external API, or an X4 process. The Grid component then adopts the data completely automatically after changes to the data source. It also helps declutter the user interface, since the data is displayed in a table and the titles of the individual columns can be defined dynamically.

URL parameters – for even more user convenience

URL parameters are used to send data to your X4 web app, making it even more convenient to use. The URL parameters let you generate dynamic content that makes it simple to integrate controls for a search engine or e-commerce system. Thanks to the URL parameters, users can click a link directly to the required data record, simplifying navigation and maximizing user friendliness. In practice, deep links links can be used to pause the completion of a multi-stage form, for example, and then pick up where you left off later with a URL parameter.

UI/UX improvements in X4 Designer give productivity a further boost

Optimizations in X4 Designer are another new feature of X4 BPMS 7.3. For example, it is now possible to to copy and paste the source structure during graphical mapping in the Mapping Editor. We have also rolled out improvements to X4 Designer, including simplification of the dialogs for creating new processes, optimization of window sizes during debugging, and refinement of the drag and drop response when drawing processes. As a result, the development of processes in X4 Designer is now even simpler and more intuitive, so you’ll benefit from an optimized user experience and greater productivity.

Edit project parameters – for flexible business processes

X4 Designer now lets you define and manage individual project parameters that are tailored specifically to the requirements at your company. The Project Parameter Configurator lets you define the required data types and values for the parameters quickly and easily, even without detailed technical knowledge. The Parameter Editor in the X4 Control Center lets you flexibly adapt business processes, even at runtime, so you’ll benefit from fast response times after changes and greater efficiency – because the processes do not have to be modeled, revised, and staged again. The combination of these two features lets you define and optimize individual processes, saving time and resources. As a result, you can rest assured that your enterprise processes are executed as planned, based on your defined rules and workflows.

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