SoftProject GmbH, the digitization expert from Ettlingen, is forming its own business unit for the industrial market. “As a result of the above-average growth and high demand for industry solutions, we have split the industry and utilities business unit and divided it into two independent divisions and teams, which are also already growing strongly”, says Joachim Beese, managing director of SoftProject GmbH. While the spin-off, the software company held a Digitaltag Industrie (“digital day industry”) on Oct. 28, 2021, which was attended by interested parties, customers, and partners from all over Germany and Switzerland. The online event focused on high-caliber presentations by customers and digitization experts from SoftProject GmbH on industry-specific solutions and practical tips relating to the digitization and automation of processes.

Male manager hand laptop for check real time production monitoring system application in smart factory industrial. Automated conveyor systems for package transfer machine Industry 4.0 and iot concept.

For over 20 years on the market, it has been the task and passion of SoftProject GmbH to support its customers with the best services and custom-fit solutions. Therefore, industry-oriented business units have already been established in 2019, Joachim Beese continued. With the spin-off of the industry as an independent unit, SoftProject GmbH is now divided into six strategic business units, which have independent, customer-related market tasks as well as their own solutions and products. As the person responsible for the new business unit, it was also Mr. Beese who opened the SoftProject Digitaltag Industrie 2021 with news about the company. In the online event, digitization specialists showed their skills in live demonstrations and with best practices, among other things. For example, how companies can accelerate manufacturing processes through automation and process orders faster, error-free and with considerably less effort.

Customers such as KPMG report live and first-hand on their experiences with the X4 BPMS digitalization platform

The presentations by SoftProject customers were a special highlight: In an entertaining presentation, Sascha Glemser from KPMG Consulting clarified the success factors for the factory of the future to the participants. He emphasized that in industry, end-to-end digitized and automated processes are still among the greatest challenges in the digital transformation and showed how companies can master these and drive digitization forward and implement it sustainably.

Distributed production and service processes are especially recommended in Docker scenarios

Gerhard Lier presented how successful digitization is possible in concrete terms and how companies with distributed production and service processes can accelerate digital transformation flexibly and securely. The innovation manager X4 BPMS of SoftProject GmbH emphasized that this is particularly important in hybrid environments and Docker scenarios. In doing so, he demonstrated what the new version of the low-code digitization platform X4 BPMS can do in this regard. At the end of his presentation, he gave the participants an exclusive outlook on the prospects of the X4 BPMS developer team around microservices and container virtualization.

HYDAC optimizes manufacturing processes and reduces downtimes during maintenance operations with the digitalization platform

The subsequent presentation by Pascal Jung from HYDAC Verwaltung GmbH took the audience directly to the production hall. He gave a vivid account of how his company uses the low-code digitization platform X4 BPMS to optimize its manufacturing processes and reduce downtimes during maintenance operations. In doing so, he pointed to ever-shorter development and production cycles and an increasing number of solutions that require companies to be able to network and update quickly. As a best practice, he presented to the participants the concept with which HYDAC can use the new version of X4 BPMS to set up and deploy customized processes and operate them in line with capacity utilization and resources.

Sensors alone are far from digitization — the decisive factor is the interaction between people and machines

After a short break, the digitization experts from SoftProject, Alexander Griwodz (Sales Manager Industry) and Eldert Janssen (Senior Project Manager Industry) started with a topic relevant for the entire industrial sector: “Profiting on the Shopfloor with X4 BPMS: Production Workers at the Crossroads of Data and Value Creation.” In their presentation, they made it clear that successful digitization involves more than just installing sensors. The decisive factor is the interaction of all those involved in the process, if humans or machines. In a live demonstration with the X4 BPMS, they used an example from production to show how relevant data and information can be brought together. This was followed by virtual networking in the “lounge” where participants exchanged ideas with each other or with the speakers.

RELINE EUROPE GmbH implements the X4 BPMS digitization platform in all production facilities

After new contacts had been made, it was back to the practical presentations. Direct insights into successfully automated production were provided by Rüdiger Fuhrmann from RELINEEUROPE GmbH: The company, a leading, internationally active system supplier for technologies in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, uses the low-code digitization platform X4 BPMS as a central data hub and thus always keeps even complex processes under control. At the same time, the degree of automation of the machine control and the ERP system is continuously increasing. Together with digitization expert Eldert Janssen, Senior Project Manager for Industry at SoftProject GmbH, Mr. Fuhrmann showed how RELINE EUROPE GmbH initially used X4 BPMS to deliver quality reports and evaluations of production data to dashboards, but then integrated the digitization platform into all production facilities and now uses it extensively.

After an extremely informative, jam-packed digitization morning, Alexander Griwodz took over the closing words and thanked all participants and speakers.  He already announced the SoftProject Digitaltag Industrie 2022 and emphasized that he would be expressly pleased to welcome all interested parties, customers, and partners in person again then.

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