Automated business processes in the insurance industry

The digitization specialist SoftProject GmbH and Capgemini Deutschland GmbH are cooperating. The common goal: to make claims processes even more efficient for all parties involved. Capgemini is one of the world’s leading partners for companies in managing and transforming their business through the use of technology. Capgemini will provide strategy and process consulting and use SoftProject’s digital insurance solutions based on the X4 Suite digitalization platform for implementation. The platform networks the claims system of insurance companies with customers and service providers, thus integrating them into the claims processes. This ensures end-to-end digital claims processing, reduces manual efforts, shortens processing time, relieves employees and increases satisfaction among customers and partners.

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“With SoftProject, we have gained a strategic cooperation partner with over twenty years of experience in the digitization of business processes, especially in the insurance sector. SoftProject impresses with its technical passion and innovation and meets our high-quality standards,” says Dr. Joachim Rawolle, Head of Business Technology Solutions for Insurance and Banking at Capgemini Deutschland GmbH. With the strong combination of technology and expertise, they can jointly support insurance companies in all phases of their digitization projects, he added. “Capgemini brings the technical expertise in the insurance and claims environment to adapt our digitalization solutions in the claims area to the processes and requirements of insurance companies in the best possible way and to integrate them into the existing application landscape,” says Markus Notheis, Partner Manager at SoftProject GmbH.

Solution promises optimized and accelerated claims processes

Insurance companies can access a comprehensive network of already integrated service providers via a single connection. In addition, all parties involved in the process — insurers, customers, and service providers — can exchange data with each other and view current processing statuses. This ensures fast and efficient claims processing. The joint approach of SoftProject GmbH and Capgemini Deutschland GmbH essentially pursues four goals:

  • Improve the customer experience in the event of a claim.
  • Optimize the efficiency and speed of collaboration between insurance companies and claims service providers.
  • Increase automation rates in claims processing.
  • Digitize claims processes quickly, easily and cost-effectively with minimal impact on existing IT systems.

All stakeholders involved in the process are integrated into the processes

To achieve these goals, the SoftProject GmbH solution is based on three essential modules:

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Partner management

Insurance companies can manage service providers such as workshops, experts, or adjusters. This requires only minimal intervention in the existing system. All service provider data can be managed centrally in the event of a claim. This enables automation of downstream processes.

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Customer management

With the customer management functions, insurance companies can integrate their customers into the claims processes — from mobile claims notification and online appointment scheduling to the exchange of messages and files. Customers are informed in real time about the current status and progress of their workshop order, and the entire process becomes more transparent.

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Process management

The process management module ensures efficient and transparent order processing for insurance companies and simple digitization and optimization of service provider commissioning. For example, through an electronic inbox solution with functions for routing, resubmission and control of orders or the management of any claims teams.

More information

You can get all the information you need at a glance in Capgemini’s brochure “Waiting was yesterday: fast help and processing in the event of a claim” (in German):

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