By 01.10.2021, or from 01.07.2021 under the implementation scenario, all network operators in Germany must implement the new legal requirements of the amendment to the Network Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG 2.0). To ensure that this is achieved in less than eight months, SoftProject GmbH from the Karlsruhe TechnologieRegion offers digitization solutions and approaches that guarantee a secure and smooth data flow in accordance with the standards of the Connect+ and DA/RE network operator initiatives.

Redispatch 2.0 has far-reaching effects on the processes and systems of distribution network operators with and without their own congestion. “Redispatch 2.0 is a comprehensive exchange of data between network and plant operators, between network operators themselves and between the various backend systems within their own domain,” says Uwe Jeschke, division manager for the utility industry at SoftProject GmbH. “We know the new functional and technical requirements and support them with digitization know-how and solutions to implement them in time for the binding deadline.”

Transformer station

The focus here is on the X4 Suite digitization platform, which connects individual back-end and inventory systems, converts data and documents between different formats or structures, and acts as a central data hub to manage data processing and preparation as well as data exchange between all participants via the new “market role data provider” (preferred Connect+).

Not only Redispatch 2.0: Platform accelerates entire digital transformation

The digitization platform can be integrated into the respective IT landscape of the network operators via adapters and ensures a data flow without media discontinuity as the basis for digital, automated processes. The X4 Suite helps companies to implement the new requirements of NABEG 2.0. These include: Comply with updated information obligations, enrich (master) data, transfer redispatch outage working hours to EDM systems, and exchange data between plant and network operators and between network operators themselves via Data Provider Connect+. Furthermore, the low-code digitization platform can be used to integrate all third-party systems related to feed-in and load forecasting and billing and balancing group management, network control technology, GIS and EDM systems into Redispatch 2.0 systems and processes.

Beyond Redispatch 2.0, the X4 Suite opens up access to further digitization potential, such as grid connection, maintenance or service provider control processes, which can be customized and implemented as ready-made solutions using our low-code digitization platform.

Fast and tailor-made: Mix of industry and individual solutions

The legal and technical requirements of NABEG 2.0 apply to all network operators. What differs, however, are the IT landscapes and processes that have grown over the years. SoftProject GmbH therefore relies on a modular approach consisting of prefabricated and individual solutions. This guarantees secure operation of the data hub in a CRITIS environment with the greatest possible flexibility and scalability. “At the same time, intelligent data management and automated processes reduce IT operating and maintenance costs and relieve employees – for example because manual activities such as error-prone multiple maintenance of master data are eliminated,” says Jeschke.

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