The new X4 Suite version 6.0 allows you to graphically develop your own customized adapters and to deploy them on the X4 Server. Completely by modeling instead of programming! The existing adapters have also been supplemented by more than 30 new helpers.

Easily Develop Your Own Adapters With the New Adapter Development Kit

You can extend the functional range of the new X4 Suite version 6.0 to meet your own needs. The Adapter Development Kit (ADK) enables you to develop your own adapters and thus to connect your IT systems to the X4 Suite individually, for example.

Your process developers can develop these adapters in the same graphical notation used for technical processes within the X4 Suite. Save yourself complex developments in programming languages such as Java. Create a new adapter project within the X4 Designer, model the desired logic and define interfaces and parameters: Done!

You can test the adapter directly during development using the extensive debugging tools of the X4 Suite. Package the finished adapter as adapter module that you can integrate directly into the X4 Server. After restarting the X4 Server, the individual adapter is available within the X4 Designer: Connect & Work – The SoftProject standard!

New Adapters Within the X4 Suite

Not only own adapter developments are possible with the new version 6.0 of the X4 Suite, but also the stock of existing adapters has been significantly expanded with more than 30 new adapters. Be inspired by these new functionalities.

Secure Your Data and Communications

The Antivirus adapter connects to an antivirus engine and validates input data at run time. The JSON WebToken Calculator generates, verifies and processes JSON WebTokens, and the Password Generator allows you to generate random passwords that match your personal password policies.

Become Part of the Internet of Things

Publish messages to an MQTT broker and subscribe to topics with the MQTT Publisher/Subscriber, or connect Siemens Simatic S7 PLC from technical processes with the Simatic S7 Connector. Use the OPC UA Client Connector to connect to an OPC UA server in order to exchange data between machines and business processes, and connect to devices using the Modbus TCP protocol via our Modbus TCP Connector.

Use the Cloud

Persist your data in the cloud and process it, if needed using the new adapters Amazon S3 Simple Storage Connector, Amazon SimpleDB Connector, Google Cloud Storage Objects Connector, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage or Microsoft Azure Table Storage.

Face Challenges

Connect your ERP Abas to the jedp interface with the Abas ERP Connector, or use the Transliteration Adapter to convert the character encoding of your files. Create universal unique identifiers with the UUID Generator or random numbers with the Random Number Generator.

Discover the Possibilities of X4 Suite 6.0 Now!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Develop your own adapters without programming.
  • Capsule reusable logic into closed packages.
  • Decouple dependencies via a well-defined adapter interface
  • Version functionalities as adapter.
  • Protect your intellectual property by developing interfaces. Only the interface is visible for use, the underlying processes are securely encrypted according to the industry standard AES!