The new X4 Activities Web Apps combine optimal user-friendliness with powerful process depth. Read here how X4 Activities Web Apps allow you to create web applications without programming – completely without HTML, JavaScript or CSS knowledge. Save yourself the hiring or payment of a mostly expensive software developer!

Web Apps are implemented with a single, clear tool: the X4 Designer. Unlike other products on the market, you don’t need to get extra features from other tools, access external sources, or download from the internet to build web applications. All important elements such as graphic tools, assignments and tables are ready for use in the X4 Suite and fully compatible. This guarantees a media-break-free, relaxed working.

Example: Responsive Design with Adapted User Concept

Use the Extensive Basic Functions

X4 Activities Web Apps is dynamic, contains a login page by default and supports legal requirements such as an imprint and a privacy statement natively. You can customize the user interface with the colors of your corporate design and extend it “on the fly”. Headings, teaser text fields, tabs or buttons can be just as easily exchanged or added as icons, symbols or logos. Use the integrated theme editor, which provides freely changeable templates, to give your web application a modern look with Material Design – completely without a programming language.


Get Started Right Away with Your Web Application

The consistent user concept of the X4 Suite component is based on numerous analyses and is optimized for user-friendliness. Effects within the component were deliberately avoided, since they often confuse. The focus lies on a simple and clear user interface. The continuous concept guarantees a logical, consistent and intuitive structure providing a clear and self-explanatory user guidance and allowing to track the current status at any time. For example, by switching from the back-end – during or after the creation of the Web App – simply to the front-end or the browser in order to check the status of the mobile application on the desktop or the mobile device.

Security has also been considered – Web Apps are “Secure by Design”. This means that all safety-relevant and necessary measures were already considered during the development phase and considered during the development process. Access and user rights can be controlled centrally via the X4 User Rights Management within the X4 Control Center. In the new X4 Web App Management, you can grant users or entire user groups access right to your web application.

Any Fields of Application

The fields of application of the X4 Activities Web Apps are almost unlimited: Examples are personnel, appointment or vacation management, time recording, order forms or order management, any status systems as well as web shops and much more. Simply describe the desired web application in XML. Include your processes and process the data in the background.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Central Web App definition within the X4 Designer without programming: No knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is needed.
  • Easy integration of business logic and static resources
  • Responsive design “out of the box”
  • Individual surface design
  • Compatible with all popular desktop browsers and mobile platforms