Tailor made services

Implementing digitization quickly and sustainably with experienced experts

More speed

Implement your digitization requirements faster.

Less cost, less risk

Use resilient system and solution architectures.

More knowledge

Deepen the know-how of your employees.

Starting point

You have proven the benefits of process digitization, created the implementation concept and would like to implement the development and operation of your digitization projects fast and optimally? Your own development team does not yet have enough experience or capacity for this? Do you want to further develop and optimize processes that have already been implemented quickly?

Data Management System (DMS) with Business Analytics concept. businessman working with provide information for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and marketing analysis onn virtual computer
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Our services

We coach and strengthen your project and development team with experienced X4 developers, if required we provide complete teams. Of course, we are also happy to review and optimize existing applications.

  • Support for detailed technical and functional requirements analysis
  • Application development for all main topics of the X4 BPMS: process implementation, system connection, "Web App" development
  • Consulting on best practices, process structure and security
  • Creating test cases and performing manual and automated tests
  • Staging and deployment of the X4 projects
  • Creation of operating manuals
  • Performing updates and migrations

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