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Digitize business processes with the X4 BPMS

We were able to implement our pilot project quickly and easily using the X4 BPMS. The media-break free transfer of the recorded data from the form to the GIS system allows now 80 percent of the GIS adaptions to be processed fully automatically. We will implement further projects with SoftProject in the near future.

Christian Goerke

Project Manager at THEN

The Thüga Group has issued an internal digitization specification: All systems are to be networked and data is to be exchanged without media discontinuity – while still being complete and integer. This automates and accelerates business processes and reduces manual efforts and costs. Together with SoftProject, a pilot project was specified that was to be implemented as part of a first order.

Fully Automated Data Exchange

Until now, THEN has only used a partially automated process to put grid connections into operation and check them. Although technical data were collected digitally, they were updated manually in the geoinformation system by clerks. The project aimed to transfer technical data from the digital order control automatically into the system. For this purpose, various third-party systems had to be connected, in which orders were previously managed, forms processed and data archived. For further expansion stages in the future, it should be possible to connect further.

Flexible Connection of Third-Party Systems

The implementation requirements were defined in workshops in cooperation with the departments and implemented directly with the X4 Designer. On this basis, the technical processes were implemented and the systems involved were connected. Before going live, exemplary data acquisition was implemented in the test system.

After the successful implementation of the X4 BPMS, it should be possible to transfer more attribute data from other systems into geoinformation systems and link the THEN portal for the grid connection process. The creation of a service provider portal, e.g. for fitters, surveyors or civil engineering companies, is also being considered.

Strategically, it is planned to extend the solutions to Thüga subsidiaries and partner companies. The architecture of the X4 BPMS makes it possible to do this flexibly at any time via clients and the large variety of ready-made adapters and interfaces.

The Technical Implementation

The X4 BPMS was installed on virtual servers provided by THEN. The X4 BPMS connects multiple systems and enables data exchange among each other: SAP® is the source for the orders for commissioning and maintenance and Movilitas as a cloud solution for the fitters to process the orders as PDF forms. Besides, data is exchanged with the geographic information systems (GIS) at the Singen, Schifferstadt and Bad Waldsee sites and with EASY as an archiving system.

The overview of the process at the BPM level in X4 BPMS
Thüga Energienetze GmbH
Thüga Energienetze GmbH

Thüga Energienetze GmbH (THEN) is part of the largest network of municipal energy supply companies in Germany. With a distribution network of more than 5,500 km, THEN ensures that more than 120 municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are supplied with natural gas and electricity. More than 200 employees take care of the maintenance and expansion of the networks.


Energy supplier

Thüga achieved:

  • Networking of several systems
  • Automated data transfer
  • Operating in the in-house data center
  • Accelerated processes without media breaks
  • Reduced effort without error sources

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