Disposing of test equipment with X4 Activities

At Testo Industrial Services GmbH, a provider of metrological services, both the customer portal and the gauge management portal are based on the low-code digitization platform X4 BPMS. Testo Industrial Services thus has a new, mobile and offline-capable and, above all, independently maintainable technology. Several thousand customers manage their delivery bills and schedule test equipment in the test equipment management portal. The back-end systems were connected with X4 adapters and delivery bills can be generated as PDFs including bar code.

All Testo Industrial Services customers have access to this portal and can use it to manage around 1.1 million test devices and access certificates. Our customers want to see the data of their order in the portal at once after the testing process. With the X4 BPMS, we now have a system that allows us to quickly implement new requirements from our customers and even more - the system is now completely maintainable by Testo.

René Fehland

Senior IT Developer IT Portals
at Testo Industrial Services

The task

With PRIMAS online, Testo Industrial Service GmbH supplies an online portal for test equipment management that offers approx. 4,600 customers access to test equipment data regardless of time and location.

The new solution should enable customers to manage their delivery bills in a portal and efficiently schedule test equipment. The portal is to be available on a mobile basis so that participants can also be integrated while on the move. To this end, all important data and information must be available offline and automatically synchronized the next time they connect.

The solution

The portal was implemented and modernized using the X4 BPMS low-code digitization platform and is also available on mobile devices and without a network connection. X4 BPMS comes with various solution modules, which were used to implement an authorization function for users, among other things. After logging in, customers can manage delivery bills and generate them as PDF documents. With the X4 Adapter PDF Barcode Adder, bar codes are generated fully automatically and added to the delivery bill.

All available processes in the PRIMAS customer system are displayed in a list and graphically prepared, for example with colored backgrounds or traffic light symbols depending on the status of the process.

In a detailed view, all data of the selected operation are displayed with tabs for a better overview and can be viewed and edited.

The new system can be easily customized by Testo Industrial Services – on a graphical interface and without any programming.

Overview of measuring equipment in the PRIMAS online test equipment management portal

The technical implementation

With the ESB functionality of the X4 BPMS, all necessary customer and test equipment data are transferred to the portal. For this purpose, various back-end systems – e.g., SAP R/3 and SharePoint DMS – have been connected so that data in the portal is updated in real-time.
With this modern and efficient interface management, Testo Industrial Services succeeds in integrating its customers into the business processes quickly and easily. The modular structure of individual, reusable processes is particularly helpful here. Working on the graphical user interface of the X4 BPMS also helps to fully concentrate on the digitization of the processes. This saves Testo Industrial Services an enormous amount of time and money in future expansions.

Testo Industrial Services GmbH

Testo Industrial Services GmbH is one of the leading providers of metrological services in Germany. Testo supports its customers in ensuring quality and following standards and guidelines. All the services needed for this are offered from a single source. These include calibrations, test equipment management, qualifications, and validations. As a subsidiary of the measuring equipment manufacturer Testo SE & Co. KGaA, the quality service provider has more than 60 years of experience in the field of measurement technology.


What Testo Industrial Services GmbH has achieved:

  • Independently maintainable technology
  • Seamless connection of existing back-end systems
  • Always up-to-date data in the portal
  • Automated creation of delivery bills incl. bar code
  • Mobile and offline-capable application

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