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Transferring large amounts of data securely with the X4 BPMS

The X4 Designer has all the tools and functions required to model, directly implement and test technical processes with it.
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Klaus Klatt

Senior Software Engineer at
OVB Holding AG

At OVB Holding AG, it was necessary to transfer large volumes of data from an existing system to a new system. With a specially developed, memory-optimized migration process, all data was transferred securely and traceably. With the associated monitoring, OVB keeps an eye on all transactions and their performance at all times.

The task

At OVB’s new Spanish subsidiary, OVB Allfinanz España S.A., a new customer relationship management system was introduced. As a result, more than 300,000 employee and client data, as well as contract and product data, have to be transferred from the existing commission system to the new CRM system. Reusable migration processes are being developed to provide for future projects. In addition, an overview of transactions and performance is to be guaranteed at all times.

The solution

The X4 BPMS makes it possible not only to model processes graphically, but also to implement them technically at the same time, to test them, and to execute them with high performance – and all this in the shortest possible time with the X4 Designer and with XML standard technologies.

In the migration solution implemented completely independently by OVB, all systems involved are first connected using X4 adapters without programming. In this way, data can be retrieved and transferred in a transaction-safe manner. The data is merged and transformed using the graphical mapping editor in X4 Designer via drag & drop and can then be transferred securely to the new system. Thanks to full persistence in a database, every transaction can be traced.

To ensure that the processes can be easily reused at a later date, i.e. that only minor adjustments are necessary, they are modularly structured according to the ETL principle (Extract, Transform, Load). This saves time and increases quality and efficiency for future solutions, e.g. for new use cases or markets.

Via the X4 Control Center web interface, those responsible maintain an overview of all processes at all times and can monitor the performance of the processes.

graphical mapping with the x4 designer
Graphical mapping with the X4 designer's mapping editor

The technical implementation

The data is migrated in three steps following the ETL approach. In the first step, the data is extracted from the source system, the commission system myOVB, and persisted in an MSSQL database. This data is then transformed and persisted again. At the end of the process, the persisted data is loaded from the database and imported into the target system, the CRM system OVB EASY.

Since OVB processes very large amounts of data, the processes were modeled in a memory-optimized and scalable way. With the Parallel Process Starter, a standard module in the X4 BPMS, several process instances can be started simultaneously. This is particularly useful if the X4 BPMS is operated as a server cluster in the company’s own data center, as is the case at OVB.

Key data:

OVB Holding AG, headquartered in Cologne, is one of the largest financial brokerage groups in Europe with around 3.8 million clients and a presence in 15 countries. 5,0000 full-time financial agents broker bancassurance products of renowned banks, insurance companies, building societies and investment fund companies, mainly to private households and small and medium-sized enterprises.


OVB has achieved this:

  • Reusable processes
  • Memory optimization
  • Scalability through server cluster operation
  • Secure and traceable data migration
  • Continuous monitoring of transformations and performance

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