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Improved Customer Service with Portals

By implementing the portal solutions, the staff in the network control center could be relieved. Especially when a difficult load situation the full attention of the employees on the net in which requires control room, is supported by the automated solution of X4 BPMS. The penetration test conducted on the portal was positive. This strengthens my opinion that I have chosen the right service provider with Soft-Project.

Christian Weber Head of Network Management at ovag Netz GmbH

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At ovag Netz GmbH, several portals have been set up where customers can register and manage notifications for reductions in renewable energy sources. The X4 BPMS works as a data hub and connects existing back-end systems to the network control system via web service to exchange data. This ensures consistent and constantly updated data without media breaks and redundancies.

The Task

At ovag Netz GmbH, consistent data is to be ensured and duplicate data entries to be avoided. The X4 BPMS networks the existing Siemens SpectrumPower network control technology with the back-end systems. The CRM system TINA and the ERP system SAP® will be connected as part of the first business processes.

The challenge lies in the network area of ovag Netz GmbH: With approx. 12,000 photovoltaic and 140 wind power plants there are many regenerative feeders, which must be treated according to the energy industry law and lowered depending on the grid situation. These measures are conducted operationally in the Siemens network control system, communication with the plant operators. The data is published with portal solutions via the X4 BPMS.

The Solution

Various portals were realized with X4 BPMS In the Registration Portal, customers can register to subscribe to notifications for installations. The registration is secured by e-mail address and password.

After the customer account is activate, the customer can log in to the Alerts Portal. He can manage subscriptions for e-mail notifications about attachments there. To subscribe to an alert, the customer needs the unique identifier of the affected attachment (EinsManID). For all new reduction measures that affect registered EinsManIDs an e-mail notification is sent.

The Admin Portal is not integrated into the ovag Netz web presence. In this portal, registered e-mail addresses and EinsManIDs can be viewed and removed. Only previously defined administrators have access to this portal.

All reductions that have occurred so far are displayed in a list in the Reductions Portal. Announced, started and completed measures are displayed. According to these different statuses, the reduction measures can be filtered. When a measure in the list is selected, more detailed information – plants involved in the reduction measure with their EinsManIDs – is displayed.

ovag netz
Clear and informative: The Reduction Portal of ovag Netz GmbH

The Technical Implementation

Back-end processes in the X4 BPMS control the data handling. For this purpose, two ReST services were implemented that are called from the systems that deliver the data.

  • Webservice 1: Receives a complete list of available EinsManIDs.
  • Webservice 2: Receives the reduction measures including metadata and the individual reductions per EinsManID.
ovag Netz GmbH

ovag Netz GmbH is a distribution network operator and a 100 percent subsidiary of Oberhessische Versorgungs- und VerkehrsgesellschaftmbH (OVVG). ovag Netz GmbH has leased the electricity network from Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG (OVAG) and manages its operation, the maintenance and the expansion of the network.

The network area covers about 2,700 km² with about 235,000 customers and five subordinated distribution network operators.



Utility Industry

ovag Netz GmbH achieved:

  • X4 BPMS as a data hub
  • Connection of the back-end systems to the network control system
  • Portal solutions with individual notifications
  • No double data entry
  • Consistent data

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