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All partners of SPN Service Partner Netzwerk GmbH are connected with an own system for order placement and processing, independent of the control tools used for order processing. This allows even fundamental tasks such as network control and quality management to be performed with truly little effort.

With the new placement and processing system SPN IT-System, SPN is able for the first time to go with and check the entire process from start to finish. In addition to smooth processing, we draw many conclusions about quality and performance from the individual switching cases.

Michael Schmidmeister

Managing Director at
SPN Service Partner Network GmbH

Connecting Systems and Processing Orders

Insurers cooperating with SPN, the so-called network customers use different systems and channels to manage repair orders. In some cases, information on processing is also provided via various service providers such as experts, testing service providers or car rental companies. By the inconsistent placing process, the possibilities to control and evaluate this process are complicated.

A complete solution is to connect the different systems of the network customers and the workshop partners and make it possible to run the workshop network with quality assurance. New network customers and workshop partners are to be connected quickly and easily.

Orders should be managed and scheduled and master data supported in a portal.

Complete Order Processing and Comprehensive Reporting

The implemented SPN IT system includes the complete order processing – from receipt of the order to scheduling and payment of the invoice – as well as a web application in which the user can view all necessary information and process it according to his role.

Orders are scheduled rule-based and with the help of a geographical map, and the workshop partners are commissioned. The order data can be transferred by the workshop partner to his calculation programs (Audatex or DAT) without manual work and free of transmission errors.

Calculations and invoices can be received, checked and sent according to definable rules. After a cost estimate is received, the repair can be enabled, or a correction can be requested.

Ideally, the entire process should be dark processed. In case of discrepancies, the corresponding order is selected and can be checked manually.

Extensive monitoring of processes measures compliance with service levels. Besides, weekly or monthly reports and statistics are generated, in which repair measures, throughput times, costs, the activity index etc. are broken down in detail.

All information at a glance: The online portal of SPN

The Technical Implementation

The X4 BPMS was used to implement the SPN IT system, in which the complete order processing runs, and all necessary information is provided in an enterprise SaaS application.

Connected systems of insurance companies:

  • Systems of Allianz, Allianz Direct and ADAC car insurance based on Alliance ABS
  • VKB Service Pool
  • SV Saxony Service Pool
  • Audatex
  • Care Expert
  • DAT
  • C€
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SPN Service Partner Netzwerk GmbH

SPN Service Partner Netzwerk GmbH organizes and supplies services related to the repair of motor vehicles. SPN is a partner network of workshops, ensures process and quality management and distributes damages to workshop partners.

The SPN workshop network is made up of free bodywork and paint stores as well as brand-related companies and currently consists of approximately 1,000 active workshop partners.



Insurance Industry

SPN achieved:

  • Connection of external systems
  • Rule-based commissioning from workshop partners
  • Processing of calculations and invoices according to definable rules
  • Commissioning of repair approvals and correction requests
  • Creating reports

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