This year’s winter release of the low-code platform X4 BPMS is available since November 2022. With the new version 7.2, SoftProject GmbH focuses on data openness, exchange, and flexibility and further expands the range of functions for process monitoring. In doing so, SoftProject GmbH remains true to its mission: Anyone can automate business processes.

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Find further information about the current release in our Release Notes.

Process Monitoring – Monitoring X4 Processes Even More Easily

Companies can only achieve process excellence if they continuously put their processes to the test. The new release with X4 BPMS Process Monitoring extensions supports companies in precisely this:

X4 BPMS provides administrators with a wide range of statistics for process monitoring. Among others, it contains an overview of all processes executed in the X4 BPMS, including real-time status and display of important process key figures. Deviations from targets are thus detected more quickly and lead to shorter reaction times.

The result is impressive: The system becomes more stable and the processes more efficient.

A connection to third-party solutions can be realized via API.

OpenAPI – Using Open Data as a Driver of Digitization 

Building new digital business models requires you to open up your platform, with APIs as the link between companies, their partners, and their systems. From now on, low-code developers can easily create standardized interfaces based on OpenAPI. In this way, they can make Technical Processes from the X4 BPMS available as a service to other users – simply at the push of a button, without coding and with full data sovereignty. The interfaces are self-documenting and both human- and machine-readable. An API gateway simplifies data exchange with customers and external partners and promotes the development of digital ecosystems and the monetization of innovative services.

X4 Web App API - Extending the Range of Functions to Fit Needs Exactly

The X4 BPMS is extensible and flexible: With the X4 Web App API, a new module in the X4 Software Development Kit (SDK), X4 BPMS developers can extend the scope of X4 Web Apps with any JavaScript functions.

This pays off: Not only can existing process modules be integrated into X4 Web Apps, but also custom human workflows and reusable visualization elements (“controls”) can be designed. In this way, numerous customer requirements can be easily mapped in the browser using JavaScript.

This Pro-Code feature for X4 BPMS developers requires a separate license.

In addition to the highlights presented, the new release 7.2 includes numerous enhancements and optimizations. X4 BPMS including Keycloak is available on DockerHub. This simplifies installation regardless of the operating system, and system resources can also be used more efficiently. X4 Designer can now also be used for macOS. Security and compliance are our top priorities: The dependency on third-party libraries has been reduced, and all libraries have been updated to the latest version. A license overview provides full transparency about integrated third-party libraries and their versioning.

Some preconfigured industry solutions of X4 BPMS also have new features: For example, the adapter of the standardized GDV-VU/WM communication for the German insurance industry has been extended.

Also in the future, X4 BPMS will be extended in line with the requirements of digitization. “X4 BPMS provides a comprehensive overall package for the efficient automation of processes and thus offers our customers a strategic competitive advantage in dynamic markets,” summarizes SoftProject CEO Dirk Detmer.

If you are interested, you can find the complete Release Notes here. 

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