Partnership accelerates digitization in the telecommunications and energy industries

With its fiber-optic Internet brand RASANNNT, Stadtwerke Neustadt a. Rbge GmbH is very successful in the telecommunications market. 7,000 fiber-optic high-speed customers acquired in 1.5 years speak for themselves. In 2022 alone, around 5,000 fiber-optic customers will be connected to the network and will be able to use the high-speed Internet. “This would not have been possible without pattr GmbH’s digitization platform,” says Dieter Lindauer, head of Stadtwerke Neustadt a. Rbge GmbH. pattr is creating mass adoption with its end-to-end industry solution.

pattr offers telecommunications companies and municipal utilities a digital “industry solution” that enables end customers to conveniently book telephone or Internet rates via a web interface. At the same time, all downstream order processes are automated. With the help of the low-code process management and integration software X4 BPMS and its adapters, the solution can be integrated quickly and easily into any existing IT infrastructure and all relevant billing and planning systems can be connected to the booking process.

Dieter Lindauer, pattr
Dieter Lindauer
Dirk Detmer, SoftProject GmbH
Dirk Detmer

Using all the advantages of digitization thanks to interfaces

The harmonized and linked systems enable a smooth data flow and fully automated and thus significantly accelerated “end-to-end” order processing. “Municipal utilities and their broadband subsidiaries or brands can thus improve their process quality, save time and money, and increase customer satisfaction,” says Dirk Detmer, managing director of SoftProject GmbH.

The end-to-end view of a business process ensures that all processes work together optimally from start to finish – for example, from the customer’s first contact to ordering the product and invoicing. “With pattr’s portal solution, the top priority is an intuitive click path with no media breaks and a high user experience,” emphasizes Steffen Schlakat, CCO at pattr.

Automated order processing minimizes effort for customers and employees

The decisive factor here is to view the process from the customer’s point of view, to test it accordingly, and to implement it. This is the only way to take into account and meet increasing customer expectations and needs in the best possible way. “We are pursuing a holistic approach in which customers not only benefit from an easy-to-use web portal, but all downstream processes and all order processing is fully digital. X4 BPMS plays a central role in this,” says Daniel Geisler, CTO at pattr and the person responsible for designing digital processes using X4 BPMS.

In the pattr solution for RASANNNT, the X4 BPMS is connected via adapters both to the customizable web interface and to all necessary systems. These include, for example, carrier software and the ERP system of Stadtwerke Neustadt am Rübenberge. This guarantees a smooth data flow between the systems and makes automated processing of orders possible: After the customer has entered all the necessary data for his order via the web interface, the data is forwarded and qualified with a browser-based employee portal based on the X4 BPMS (only if necessary).

partnership pattr and SoftProject

Intelligent rules control the data perfectly and efficiently

Rules and decision logics integrated in the portal solution ensure that the data is transferred automatically or checked by a clerk and quality-assured directly into the required systems – both the internal ones of the municipal utilities and the external systems of the fiber optic service partners, for example the ropa manager. At the same time, the X4 BPMS transfers the customer data to the ERP system for accounting entry and creates it for billing in the Schleupen or an alternative billing and contract management system.

“The challenge for the solution was to harmonize and connect different systems – without immediately bringing about a revolution in the system world or an IT mega-project with high costs and long runtimes. SoftProject’s X4 BPMS with its low-code approach is exactly the right tool for this,” summarize SoftProject’s digitization experts Rene Beele, Sales Manager Utilities, and Markus Notheis, responsible for Business Development.

Successful digitization cooperation to be expanded

“We have already been working with the Ideenstadtwerke Group, to which pattr GmbH belongs, for years. After the consistently positive results of recent years, the expansion of our cooperation is the logical next step on the way to a digital, automated energy and telecommunications economy,” says Notheis.

The two companies also plan to further expand their development and sales partnership in the future. In addition to the low-cost entry packages in fiber-optic sales, municipal utilities will thus receive advanced digital utility solutions that they can integrate quickly and easily into their existing IT landscape and use immediately.

These include, for example, end-to-end digital solutions for energy-related services such as photovoltaics, battery storage and wallboxes, and also the automation of supplier switching processes developed by pattr. In addition to a well-rounded customer journey and a high convenience factor for customers, the focus is on reducing cost-to-serve, adds Lindauer. “As a result, municipal utilities not only gain many new and more satisfied customers, but also save cash through digital process flows.”

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