SoftProject GmbH today releases 7.1 of its digitization platform X4 BPMS, taking the next decisive step towards simple and fast digitization of business processes without programming. The focus of the new and enhanced features of X4 BPMS is on an even better user experience and security (single sign-on with Keycloak), accelerated digitization (project templates for processes and web apps), and simple and efficient work (grid component). Digitization experts from SoftProject GmbH will be presenting the new features live to customers and interested parties in the coming weeks in free release webinars.

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Release of the new X4 BPMS 7.0
Keycloak: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS

Keycloak - Manage users easily and centrally and use numerous applications with one authentication

From now on, X4 BPMS supports the open source software Keycloak from Red Hat. The identity and access management solution offers numerous benefits to both administrators and users, and the connection is included as standard in the X4 BPMS installation package. Centralized user management allows administrators to assign different roles to users and determine which applications and systems they can access and to what extent – all across systems and centrally using a clear administration console. The effort of giving a user separate access rights for each application and system is eliminated.

This saves time, speeds up logon, and avoids maintaining redundant user data. Since users are always authenticated exactly for their tasks, resources can be optimally planned and efficiently coordinated, for example in joint projects such as the creation of digital business processes or web apps. At the same time, two-factor authentication significantly increases security. Users also benefit from centralized access via Keycloak: They no longer have to remember different username and password combinations for individual applications and can access applications more quickly.

Keycloak: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS
Project Templates: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS

Project templates - accelerate digitization without IT specialists

Another release highlight of X4 BPMS are new and extended project templates. These are delivered as standard with the new version of the digitization platform and are available free of charge: Users such as process managers, developers, or architects can access preconfigured projects – proven and already implemented solutions – import them and continue working with them. Depending on the requirements, any number of project templates can be selected and used immediately. Examples are ESB projects (such as database access), BPM projects (such as billing process) or web apps (such as calendar component).

The use of project templates reduces programming efforts and costs that arise with newly developed, individual process or web app solutions. In addition, resources are used efficiently in the project and citizen developers – users who are not IT specialists but have technical understanding – are encouraged. Thanks to the low-code approach and the ready-made project templates, they can build complex processes themselves quickly and easily without the support of a software developer. This ensures better scalability, faster and accelerated project results and increasing implementation quality. The X4 BPMS project templates are based on the findings of numerous customer projects that have already been implemented, as well as the wealth of experience gained by the digitization experts at SoftProject GmbH over more than 20 years. The templates can be changed directly and with little effort and adapted to different needs and situations. Users thus benefit from best practices while remaining flexible to serve individual company requirements.

Project Templates: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS
Grid Component: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS

Grid Component - easily and quickly create state-of-the-art web applications

New in version 7.1 of X4 BPMS is an extended Grid Component that allows users to easily and flexibly display data in tabular form. For this purpose, one of the many standard adapters of the X4 BPMS can be used to forward data read from other systems to the Grid Component, where it can be processed and saved again. In this way, clear tables can be quickly created from data from different sources. It does not matter if the data is from a CRM, ERP, web store, from the cloud or from machine sensors.

A large repertoire of standard functions – such as sorting, filtering, paging, multiple selection or an individual column configuration – make editing flexible and easy. With the constantly evolving low-code approach, it’s so easy that in the future any user will be able to tabulate data in an X4 Web App and make it available to colleagues or employees. The Web Apps are responsive and work on both PCs and mobile devices.

Grid Component: A Highlight of Release 7.1 of the Low Code Platform X4 BMPS

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