Digital insurance industry: Mobile claims management and processing

Together with rocket enterprise solutions GmbH, SoftProject GmbH ensures digital, mobile, and efficient claims processes. The solution developed by the software specialists is designed to reduce the use of human, financial, and time resources. Among other things, it includes a portal for intelligent deployment, appointment, and route planning for field claims staff and an app.

Rocket and SoftProject cooperate

With the app, property regulators can digitally record the damage on-site using their tablet via a web interface and digitally entry the data required for claims processing. For example, in the form of documents such as appraisals, inspection reports or cost estimates, photos, sketches, or handwritten records. The Insurance Gateway centrally transfers and controls the data between the app, the insurer’s back-end systems, and the Claim Portal. The X4 Claim Management solution from SoftProject enables the entire automated handling of the claims process — from order disposition to the final documentation of the claim.

The solution simplifies and facilitates the work for all process participants

“The electronic data exchange of our joint solution avoids media disruptions, errors, mountains of paper and files as well as multiple entries and duplicate data storage,” says Simon Mozes, Director Insurance Cloud Solutions. “It is a perfect example of how digital solutions can efficiently design, simplify and accelerate processes in the insurance industry.” The Rocket app (developed by rocket enterprise solutions) and the Claim Portal (developed by SoftProject) communicate with each other and constantly exchange data via the Insurance Gateway. Any changes or processing steps made by the insurance company in the claims process are synchronized with the tablet. The status of the claim can be accessed and viewed at any time and from any location. This means that everyone involved in the process is always up-to-date. The insurer can communicate at any time with the regulators connected via the Insurance Gateway and make use of their services.

Companies benefit from simple and fast integration of the solution

The Rocket app, where all transaction and user data is stored locally and securely, can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. All information and functions for data entry are fully available to the user in online and offline mode. The app provides the insurance company with the data entered on-site via the Insurance Gateway so that it can be digitally processed with the Claim Portal in automated follow-up processes. Due to a large number of existing interfaces, the Insurance Gateway can be integrated quickly and easily into existing IT landscapes and used immediately.

Extensive features of the Claim Portal ensure efficient claims processes

The Claim Portal has helpful features that make workflows pleasant for everyone involved in the process. One example is the automated scheduling and resource planning for the claims field service. This simplifies and accelerates the control and management of orders: Order lists are clearly displayed in tabular form and can be filtered according to various criteria, such as postal codes. Orders can be centrally planned, rebooked, canceled, or placed on resubmission. Quality assurance is performed via an upstream, configurable set of rules that controls and consolidates the data and subjects it to a plausibility check. Preset service levels are monitored at all times and automatically escalated if necessary.

“The Insurance Gateway and Claim Portal are modules of X4 Claim Management and are based on the low-code digitization platform X4 BPMS. It is the intelligent link between the web-based portal of the Rocket app and the back-end systems of the insurance companies,” Mozes summarizes. “We are pleased to have found a competent partner for digital, mobile claims processing in rocket enterprise solutions, which complements perfectly our products.”

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