disphere tech GmbH, which specializes in digital sales systems, and the low-code and BiPRO expert SoftProject GmbH will jointly develop digitization solutions for the insurance industry in the future. The goal of the cooperation is to automate processes, make them more efficient and thus reduce the use of human, financial and time resources. The start will be the joint implementation of BiPRO Standard 490, which will digitalize the transmission of the broker mandate end-to-end.

“Increasing market consolidation is leading to new mergers and networking. The result is complex processes, a growing number of process participants, and an increased exchange of data and documents,” says Patrick Hüttemann, Managing Director at disphere tech. One example, he says, is the ever-increasing transfer of brokerage portfolios. A mandate authorizes an insurance broker to represent his client and his client’s interests towards the respective insurance company. For example, the client instructs the broker to review or conclude insurance contracts.

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Manual procedures make the mandate transfer process extremely time-consuming

Until now, the mandate has often still been transferred and processed manually — from the creation of data records to verification and acceptance. “Forms filled out by hand or sent by mail harbor sources of error and lead to time-consuming coordination and approval processes or processing backlogs and delays in office departments,” says Marcel Keller, Sales Manager and BiPRO expert at SoftProject. Standard 490, adopted by BiPRO e. V., promises a remedy by ensuring the structured and data protection-compliant transmission of a mandate in digital form.

The cooperation bundles know-how and focuses on the respective core competence

In the joint solution for the realization of BiPRO Standard 490, the two digitization companies combine their core competencies: The field-proven, web-based platform diContract from disphere makes it easy for users to enter and edit the mandate to be transferred via intuitive elements and dynamic navigation paths. Based on the X4 BPMS platform and the X4 BiPRO Server industry solution based on it, SoftProject ensures that once data has been entered via the web form, the downstream processes are BiPRO-compliant and run smoothly. The entire process and the operations it contains are processed “darkly”, i.e., completely automatically.

Simple and fast integration into all existing IT landscapes possible

The solution is characterized by prefabricated industry modules that make in-house developments obsolete and shorten implementation times. Integration of BiPRO Standard 490 into existing IT landscapes of the insurance company is simple and fast thanks to more than 200 adapters. “With the solution, insurers have up to 90 percent less workload when managing mandates and portfolio transfers,” says Hüttemann. In addition, processing time is reduced, written reminders for portfolio transfers are eliminated, and at the same time, the web-based solution increases transfer security, as it replaces e-mail traffic, among other things. “The resources freed up can be used elsewhere, for example for additional consulting services,” Hüttemann adds.

In the insurance industry, too, there is no way around digital processes

“Technological innovations instead of outdated IT landscapes, centralized platforms instead of distributed systems, and automated instead of manual processes are essential in order to be able to respond to changing market requirements and keep up with the competition in the future — both for insurance brokers, insurance companies, and all other process participants,” says digitization expert Keller. What counts, he says, is fast, flexible exchange between the players, high processing speed and impeccable data quality.


Cloud-based applications to be pushed further in the future

With the realization of BiPRO Norm 490, disphere and SoftProject offer a first joint solution. “Further developments are already being conceptualized and will be launched in the coming months,” says Georg Kiehne, team lead DevOps and Product Owner X4 Solutions at SoftProject. “We are consistently pursuing the expansion of the BiPRO software-as-a-service strategy so that customers can also use innovative services from our partner companies via the platform.”

The need for flexible SaaS solutions is growing

By deploying BiPRO as SaaS (Software as a Service) from SoftProject’s ISO 27001 certified data center, insurance companies no longer need to install and run the X4 BiPRO Server on their own systems. They thus reduce costs for hardware purchases and maintenance, as well as for software licenses. They also avoid support overhead and benefit from easy scalability of desired services and regular updates of the software solution.

Your advantages of BiPRO Standard 490 “Transmission of the broker's mandate” at a glance:

  • Structured and data protection-compliant transmission of mandates in digital form
  • Cost reduction through reduced manual processes and lower shipping costs
  • Higher approval and contract conclusion speed due to simple and intuitive operation – more free resources for portfolio consulting
  • Relieving the burden on IT through a low-code approach that involves business users in process automation
  • Reduction of error sources and better data quality through standardized data fields
  • Increased efficiency through uniform data transfers
  • Reduced processing time due to faster stock transfers and elimination of written reminders
  • More secure data transmission (compared to e-mails)
  • Improved liability security through DSGVO compliance
  • More sustainability through reduced visit and shipping effort
  • Optimized controlling with integrated and accelerated process monitoring

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