Digitizing and Automating Business Processes

With Release 6.0 of the digitization platform X4 Suite, the software specialist SoftProject GmbH is releasing new product components for easier and more comprehensive automation of business processes. Core is the low-code approach, which is based on graphical modeling instead of programming executable processes. The all-in-one approach allows all tasks to be solved with one platform, e.g. cloud, big data or IoT solutions.
“The new X4 Suite Version 6.0 is even more precise and flexible and shows that our intelligent products and solutions not only meet the constantly increasing digitization requirements, but are always one step ahead of the market,” says Dirk Detmer, Managing Director and founder of SoftProject GmbH. The new X4 Suite features are based on well-founded needs analyses, practical experience and customer requirements.

Creating Web Applications Without Programming Knowledge

X4 Activities Web Apps allows employees to create their own web applications even if they are not familiar with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Thus, companies don’t need to hire expensive IT expert. Possible areas of application are order forms, order management, personnel, appointment or vacation management, time recording, any status systems or web shops. The interface can be individually designed – for example meeting the corporate design specifications. The responsive display works out of the box and the web applications are compatible with all common desktop browsers and mobile platforms.

Modeling and Executing Business Processes Without Programming

The new feature X4 Case Management enables business analysts, process owners and consultants to design, graphically model and to execute business processes including logic in real time – all without programming. The basis is formed by freely selectable drawing elements and prefabricated modules for activities allowing to realize any processes. The “Human Task” activity component enables to involve people in processes, to assign roles and tasks, to defined rules and to process input further.

Automating Logical Decisions with X4 BPM Rules

The basis of the new X4 BPM Rules component are fully functional decision modules and associated decision tables that can be defined and edited without a technician being involved. This allows employees to control business processes only through business rules. Examples of use for automated decisions are individual or general business workflows, such as electronic invoice verification, ordering processes or digitized holiday release.

X4 Adapters Guarantee Highest Connectivity

The X4 Adapter Development Kit (ADK) enables employees to develop and deploy adapters themselves without programming knowledge. To have a fully functional adapter, only the desired logic must be modeled and the interfaces and parameters have to be defined. In addition to the “own adapter development”, SoftProject has expanded its adapter portfolio by more than 30 adapters with Release 6.0. Among them are the “Amazon S3 Simple Storage Connector”, the “Amazon SimpleDB Connector”, the “Google Cloud Storage Objects Connector” and a “Microsoft Azure Table Storage Adapter”. These adapters help companies to persist and further process their data in the cloud.